When it comes to apartment
investment and management,
we're right at home.

Baron Equities, Inc. is a private company focused on the placement of capital in real estate and other long-term private enterprise holdings within the United States. The company is committed to building a leading real estate portfolio with a focus on multifamily, while maximizing returns for its shareholders through select private equity investment opportunities.

Baron’s real estate portfolio consists of a well-diversified range of multifamily, industrial, retail and office properties across the United States. The company’s apartment communities are conveniently located near mass transit, employment centers, shopping and entertainment. Baron's industrial, retail and office properties are well located within high-density urban centers with close proximity to major freeways and drive-by traffic.

The company is actively looking to place capital in apartment communities located in strong rental markets known for reliable growth and high barriers-to-entry. Markets of particular interest include California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Tennessee.